Our mission

Through research, collaborative partnerships, free educational materials and services for all educators, and a commitment to assisting those most in need, the Helps Education Fund strives to connect research with practice, support teachers, and improve students learning. read more

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No single person or organization can achieve an equitable and high quality education for all students. In our efforts to improve students´┐Ż academic achievement, we invite you to join us. With as little as one minute of your time, you can help us by showing that you support our mission simply enter your email address and country in the top right corner of this page. After doing this, we would greatly value your support in other ways!
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Our Projects

From literacy programs for teachers, home-based educational support for parents, and systems-level approaches to make schools more effective and efficient when assisting struggling learners in reading, math, and writing´┐Żour goal is to develop, evaluate, and give away effective teaching tools that make a meaningful difference in students learning. read more