Our impact


During our first three years as an organization (May 2011 to May 2014), the Helps Education Fund has provided more than $375,000 in donated services (such as professional development workshops for teachers, direct intervention for students) and materials (such as pre-assembled HELPS Program materials for teachers and parents) in order to support our mission.

However, the above dollar amount of donated services and materials does not include many of the other ways our organization has helped to support teachers and improve learning outcomes for students. For example, our impact can also be illustrated by:

  • The more than 20,000 educators (across more than 40 different countries) who have accessed and used our free, research-based educational materials and/or services to improve students’ academic skills.
  • Providing more than 10,000 hours of direct reading intervention for struggling learners, as well as intensive intervention training for parents and teachers, through our collaborative partnerships with K-12 schools, community after-school programs (e.g., Boys & Girls Clubs), and local universities (e.g., NC State University).
  • The many educators throughout the United States who are using our free educational strategies and professional development materials to train educators and parents in their own schools and communities.
  • Scholarly/research publications (professional books and journal articles) documenting the effectiveness of, and need for, our programs.
  • Several state and national awards we have received in recognition of our work to support educators, parents, and K-12 students.