Materials & Services


To help address many of the complex problems in education , we offer several resources and services that create meaningful impact for students and align with our mission. We are also in the process of developing and evaluating new resources to expand our impact. Each Helps Education Fund set of materials and services are developed with the goal of providing effective, research-supported educational tools and strategies free-of-charge or, when necessary, at costs well below the typical costs for such resources.

In our first year two years as an established organization, more than 15,000 educators and parents (across more than 40 countries) accessed and used our materials and/or services. As we continue to grow, we always want feedback from those who use or want to use our services and materials. Please contact us if you would like to provide feedback.


Listed below are just some of the services and materials we currently offer or will be offered within the year. Programs and projects listed below (e.g., the HELPS Programs) are described in more detail within the Projects page.

  1. All instructional and training materials for the four different HELPS Programs, which are offered for free through the HELPS Program website.
  2. Free or low-cost HELPS Program Training Workshops for schools, districts, and educational organizations, as well as for parents.
  3. Free or low-cost (on-line) implementation support for educators who want expert feedback about their use of the HELPS Program.
  4. The PASTEL website and related free services offered through PASTEL.
  5. Free or low-cost workshops for parents to use the instructional strategies featured as part of PASTEL.
  6. Free on-line consultation for educators and schools that use the SOPAA model to assist struggling learners in reading, math, and writing.
  7. Free or low-cost on-site consultation in schools to assist educators with using the SOPAA model.
  8. Free school-based support to get highly trained volunteers to use research-supported intervention programs with struggling learners (MOVES Program).
  9. Free school and community-based services to help first-language Spanish speakers to improve their literacy skills in Spanish (VOLAR Program).
  10. International service trips (and free materials) to assist schools outside of the U.S. with using research-supported literacy programs for struggling readers (A+ Program). 



To learn more about how to receive any of our donated services, or learn how you can help us continue to provide free and effective educational services, click here.