MOVES Program

Overview of MOVES Program

MOVES is designed to effectively and efficiently put well-trained volunteers into schools that lack sufficient resources to provide remedial support (i.e., interventions) for all struggling learners. In our work with numerous schools and districts, we find that just about every school can benefit from free, highly-skilled support.

To provide schools with this much-needed support, MOVES staff recruit and train community volunteers to use "gold standard" academic intervention programs that have shown to meaningfully improve students' learning. A MOVES coordinator works with the school and volunteers to ensure that volunteers are assisting in a way that efficiently aligns with the school's schedule and the teachers' needs.

Students are empowered through the MOVES Program because they improve their educational success (and education is empowering!), but volunteers also feel empowered because they provide a meaningful service to their community and can watch students become more successful and confident in their academic skills. Schools that involve MOVES volunteers feel empowered because at no financial cost they are supporting their students even more.

The Need for MOVES

The Helps Education Fund believes that all children-regardless of race, color, age, economic background, presence of a disability, etc.-deserve a free and effective education. Unfortunately, many children do not receive an effective education. For instance, 66% of 4th grade students in the U.S. perform below a Proficient level in reading and 67% are below Proficient in math. These statistics are nearly identical in NC, the home of the Helps Education Fund. In short, teachers and students need more support, and MOVES provides high-quality services (and sometimes even the materials) that are proven effective through scientific evaluation.

Please visit the following page for more facts and statistics that evidence the critical need for MOVES:

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