Help Us Spread the Word about the Helps Education Fund

For our organization to best fulfill its mission of supporting educators and improving students’ learning, others need to know about us and benefit from our programs. In the traditional sense, advertising our organization can be expensive, and we prefer to use our financial resources in ways that will most directly assist educators, parents, and students. Fortunately, one of our best means of advertising is having people like you simply tell others about us!

If you believe there are benefits of the Helps Education Fund and you want others to know about our free educational materials and services, here are some ways you can help us spread the word about our organization. Most of these suggestions are easy to do and can be very effective.

  1. Click the Facebook "Like" button at the top of this page or visit the Helps Education Fund Facebook page and become a "fan/friend" of the program.
  2. Send an email to others. Copy and paste the description of the Helps Education Fund (provided at the bottom of this page ) into an email and forward the email to all of your friends and colleagues who may be interested in learning more about us. Remember that we not only want parents and educators to know about us, we want all community members who value the importance of education to know about us.
  3. Tell your local educators about us. If you work in a school or have a child who attends a K-12 school, talk with your school leaders, teachers, and/or parent-teacher organizations about using one or more of our programs. Also remember that the Helps Education Fund provides free training and/or pre-assembled materials for schools that are in the most need and request such training or materials. And for all schools, the Helps Education Fund provides many free on-line materials and services, and low-cost training.
  4. Provide our information on a website. Post a brief description of the Helps Education Fund (provided at the bottom of this page ) on a website that other educators or parents will see. We know that many of you either manage personal websites or can influence the content of websites that describe useful materials for educators and parents. By adding a link between the Helps Education Fund website and another website, you can quickly and easily get the word out about our organization.
  5. Contact educational (or parent) organizations that you are affiliated with. For example, most educators are affiliated with professional organizations that host newsletters, workshops, conferences, websites, and related modes of information-sharing to the organization's members. By contacting your professional organization(s), this may result in them providing a brief description of the Helps Education Fund on their website or newsletter, sponsoring one of our training workshops, or engaging in some other activity that will allow educators to learn more about us and how to access our materials and services.
  6. Contact your local media. Local newspapers, parent magazines, and related media sources often describe educational programs and products that may be of interest to parents and teachers. As such, by making contact with your local media sources, these sources may share information about our services and mission.

Brief Description of the Helps Education Fund

I want to let you know about an education-based charitable organization I have been learning about. The Helps Education Fund is an innovative non-profit organization that was developed to improve education for all students, nationally and internationally. Through this organization, educators and parents can receive research-based and high quality educational materials and services free of charge.

I encourage you to take a little time to navigate their website ( to learn more about their mission and how you can directly benefit from their organization. If you support the mission of the Helps Education Fund and/or benefit from their materials and services, I also encourage you to learn more about the advantages of creating a free account on their website.