Volunteer Opportunities with the Helps Education Fund

In order for our organization to offer high-quality and research-supported educational materials and services for free or at the lowest possible costs, the majority of our organization and programs are facilitated by volunteers, including (but not limited to) professionals in the field of education who volunteer their time and expertise.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please consider the opportunities described on this page. If there are one or more volunteer positions that you are particularly interested in, simply contact us and state

  • How you would most like to volunteer with us
  • Your preferred level of time commitment

Whether you can volunteer only once for a few hours, or you would like to volunteer 3 or more hours each week, we can probably find a way for you to get involved and make a meaningful difference in the lives of educators and students!

Below we categorize our volunteer activities and provide just some examples of the kinds of things volunteers might do. If you do not see an example that best fits your interests, please contact us anyway because it is likely we can find a volunteer activity that matches your preferences.

Thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering! Volunteers are a major reason that our organization can successfully support educators and improve students’ educational success!


Help children improve their academic skills, support educators, and/or help us with applied educational research

There are many ways we involve volunteers with our direct research and/or service projects. For example, volunteers might (a) use interventions programs to assist young children with their reading, writing, or math skills; (b) help us to manage, collect, and evaluate data from our applied educational research projects; (c) assist us with training parents or teachers to use research-supporting teaching strategies; and/or (d) serve as a coordinator and collaborator to facilitate an applied research project in a school-based setting (such as a school or community-based center of learning). For volunteers who have continued and regular involvement with research projects, this involvement could even lead to authorship on professional presentations or publications that are directly related to the volunteer work.


Material support and development

The Helps Education Fund develops an array of materials that are used to support parents and educators, and volunteers make a huge contribution by assisting with this material development and preparation (e.g., assembling books for a reading program that we donate to parents and teachers). Likewise, volunteers can offer a great deal of support when we develop and distribute materials for events such as professional development workshops and fund raisers. Note: if you have strong writing skills and like to write, also consider the “Writing Activities” category described below.


Fund raising and public awareness campaigns

Each year we try to host events that both generate funds for our organization and raise others’ awareness about the need to support educators and improve students’ learning. Volunteers are an integral part of these events. Examples of volunteer activities include (a) telling others about our organization and serving as an organization advocate; (b) helping us contact media and related outlets about our organization and events; and (c) doing miscellaneous activities before, during, and after an event. Also, we are always looking for volunteers throughout the U.S. who can host smaller fund raising and public awareness events within their local communities in support of the Helps Education Fund (e.g., block parties, bake sales, fun-runs/walks, raffles, etc.).


Video, photography, communications, social media, and websites

Capturing images of what we do and communicating with others is another important way that volunteers can support our organization’s mission. For example, an experienced photographer can help us take pictures during events and service projects, a videographer can help us create training videos or video messages, and someone familiar with website development may be able to assist us with improving our various program websites. Further, if you enjoy communicating and using social media sources like Facebook and Linked In, you may be able to assist us with updating our profiles and communicating with those who have comments or questions.


Writing Activities

Are you a skilled writer? If so, we always welcome assistance with writing activities, such as helping to develop brochures, flyers, e-mail announcements, Facebook content, and more. Further, we may even benefit from getting you involved with some of our grant writing activities, which are designed to create and/or strengthen more programs and resources for educators.


Other professional support

If you have unique professional experience that could assist our organization, we would love to learn how we might benefit from your expertise. For example, volunteers with expertise in law, business management, accounting, grant writing, public relations, language translation, and other areas may be able to assist us with making the best decisions for organizational growth and success.